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    • How to shop and place an order?
      • You need to sign up as a REGISTERED user. You will find format examples in the registration form to help you when you enter details such as your telephone number. Your order information and registration details will always be available to you through the link your account. Our checkout process is quick and straightforward. Create a Studio Doe account and place an order, you 'll be automatically enrolled in our loyalty programme also can find further information on the different shipping and payment methods.
      • After registration, you will receive a limited-time 100 NTD welcome code in the next day when you join, and you can also unlocked to Denim Blue or Royal Blue membership after your first order and enjoy new rewards at any time.
      • BIRTHDAY REWARD-Celebrate your birthday month with a special discount Kindly remind to fill in your date of birth, when you upgrade to Denim Blue and Royal Blue membership, you will receive a birthday discount code on the 1st day of the birthday month. *Manual code Manually enter the promotional code at checkout.
    • Why is the product successfully added to shopping bag to be notified about an item/free gift is being out of stock at checkout.
      • Please remember that does not guarantee that product you save in your basket will remain in stock. Therefore, if one of them sells out, you will be able to see that information in that section. If you comes and places the item in the cart, for the site that does not reduce the quantity of what is available to others until the order has been made. Whoever orders first will get the item and the others will get an error or a message that the item is sold out when they click the “submit” button.
      • Due to a limited number of free gifts, if the gift is not included, it means that it has been delivered.
        Please ensure that your ordered items are correct before making payment. Once the order is established, it cannot be cancelled or orders can not be combined.
    • Tracking your order status
      • When you sign in your account, please click ""My Account"" and find your order number to check the processing status and delivery time of your order.

        Please refer to the following for the order status on the official website:
        Unpaid: Please pay within the next 1 hours. The order will be automatically cancelled after 1 hours when the payment is not made.
        Paid: Thank you for your purchase! The payment has been confirmed, we are getting your order ready to be shipped.
        Preparing: We are preparing your order for delivery. We will notify you when it has been sent.
        Shipped: Your order is on the way. Due to a volume of orders, delays of up to 1-2 days may occur. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
        Expired: Unpaid orders must be paid within the next 1 hours. If the payment is not made within 1 hours, the system will automatically cancelled the order.
        *If you fail to make payment more than 3 times, cancel order arbitrarily or return it without reason, the transaction will be restricted (the restriction period is one year).
    • When the order will be shipped?
      • Instock items: If the orders are all in stock, it will take 3-7 working days to wait. In case of large shipments, you need to wait 7-14 working days.
      • Items with a sign of (*): If the size is marked with (*), it is the second batch of shipments. The arrival date for each item are different, please follow the description of each product.
      • If the order includes autt, LORO with mark (*) products, it is a pre-order/customised items. It takes about 14-30 working days to be delivered. Due to the epidemic situation, there is a slight delay in shipping. The estimated shipping date will be based on the supplier’s delivery date. Once the order has been made it cannot be cancelled, and non-defective returns are not accepted. It is to be considered before placing an order.
    • How to change or edit the payment method online?
      • If the order status is "Unpaid", the payment method can be changed in current order; if the order status is "Paid", the order details and payment method cannot be added, removed or changed.
      • Each order is processed separately, so the shipping fee and discount can not be combined.
      • If the order went expired, it cannot be reactivated. Please place another new order according to current stock and promotions.
      • After payment has been made an order items cannot be added, removed or changed. Please confirm the size, color, quantity of the item before proceeding to checkout.
      • All promotional codes and member discount codes can only be used once in an order, and cannot be returned or re-entered after checkout.
    • How to modify the shipping information?
      • If you want to revise the delivery information, please enter the My Account Member Center when the order status is "paid", click the order number, and click "Edit" to revise the delivery information. If the order status is "In Stock", the delivery information cannot be modified.
    • How to modify the size and color?
      • If you want to change the size and color of the product, please contact customer service before the order status is "in stock", and the customer service staff will modify the order content for you.
    • Error message
      • Please screenshot or copy the error message you received and contact our customer service for assistance.
    • How to repay the unpaid status?
      • Please select MY ACCOUNT >Order History > Order Number>Payment methods>select another payment methods>Repay the order
    • How to use gift voucher.
      • From October 1, 2021, the new system of gift voucher will be implemented: once you choose to convert the return of goods for personal reasons or defective returns into gift voucher, in order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, "the gift voucher will not be accepted and converted into cash".
      • The gift voucher will assist in depositing it into the member's account, and the discount can be used in the next order.
      • Gift voucher can not be used to the order shipping fee.
    * To remind you, if you violate the rules related to ordering and returns formulated by STUDIO DOE for no reason or maliciously, the company has the right to suspend your account and refuse you to use this service, and it will be listed as a restricted transaction list, please pay attention.


    • Payment method

      We accept Credit Card, LINE PAY, PayPal for international order.

      • ATM(Only for Taiwan) : After remittance within 1 hour, there is no need to send a letter to inform your remittance account number. Once the exclusive account receives your remittance, it will automatically modify your order to the paid status.
      • The overdue account can not be able to receive the payment, and the order will be canceled. Please create a new order again.
    • Refunds
        Due to the high cost of international shipping and time-consuming process, there is no returns accepted for all oversea orders. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


    • Delivery information(Only for Taiwan)
      • This official website is suitable for local delivery service, In-store pick-up (711, Family Mart), international delivery.
      * Please confirm the delivery information is filled in correctly. If the delivery fails due to incomplete or incorrect information, the buyer should cost the re-delivery fee.
      * In case of large shipments, the order will be delayed for 1~2 days, the actual delivery time will be subject to the shipping notification E-mail you received.
    • Tracking your order(Only for Taiwan)

      After the package status shows "shipped", you can ask the customer service for the package number the next day and check the shipping platform:

    • How much do home delivery cost? (Only for Taiwan)
      • Taiwan Main Island | Products are delivered by 黑貓, and a shipping fee of 100 yuan will be charged regardless of the number of products.
      • Outlying Islands, Taiwan | Products are delivered by 黑貓, and a shipping fee of 220 yuan will be charged regardless of the number of items.
      • Please note the following areas do not provide delivery service:
        . Penghu area: Wang'an Township, Qimei Township, Hujing Island, Tongpan Island, Dacang Island, Yuanbei Island, Bird Island, Huayu Island, and Jibei Island.
        . Kinmen area: Wuqiu, Lieyu, Bold, Erdan.
        . Matsu area (Lianjiang County): Nangan Township, Beigan Township, Juguang Township, and Dongyin Township.
        . Others: Orchid Island, Green Island, Xiaoliuqiu and other outer islands and post office boxes
    • Important notes on Convenient shop pick-up (Only for Taiwan)
      • Volume and weight restrictions (weight < 5kg, length + width + height ≦ 105cm, longest single side ≦ 45cm, other two sides ≦ 30cm).
      • If your package's volume over the limit, you cannot choose In-store pick-up. If you still need to choose Convenient shop pick-up, please split the order.
      * If you choose Convenient shop pick-up, please be sure to fill in the name in the order that matches on your ID card, and bring your ID to pick up the package.
      * Kindly remind that when the package is shipped but not picked up or rejected and returned (calculated within 7 days after shipment), you must bear the logistics handling fee of 100 yuan. If you fail to pick up the package for 3 times (inclusive) without reason or maliciously, STUDIO DOE has the right to stop the delivery method, and please pay attention to your own rights.
    • Will I receive the notification? (Only for Taiwan)
      • When the pack arrives, the store will notify you via text message.
      • The waiting period for Convenient shop pick-up is about 7-14 working days, depending on the SMS notification.
      * When the packagel is shipped but not picked up or rejected and returned (calculated within 7 days after shipment), the logistics processing fee must be borne by yourself. If the order account reaches 3 times, this delivery method will not be available.
    • International delivery information
      • We ship to the locations listed below: Macau SAR, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Great Britain / United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia. (International shipping Rate)
      • No return / No exchange policy for all oversea orders.
      • Shipping in Japan is from SAGAWA EXPRESS. Other countries are delivered by SF Express. Delivery costs will vary depending on its destination and the heavier between the weight and the volume of your order.
      • Since shoes, bags, and accessories are packaged in outer boxes, the shipping fee will be calculated based on volumetric weight.
      • Certain remote area in Japan and USA will not provide delivery service. For detailed information, please visit the official websites of Sagawa and SF Express
        . Note: The additional shipping fee ranges from 500TWD to 1400TWD. This fee is not included in the checkout amount. Once the actual fee is generated, we will contact you via email. After receiving the amount to the designated account, we will arrange the shipping.
      • No international free shipping service.
      • The assessment of the duties and taxes will be based on upon the value of your order. Recipient agrees to accept the terms and conditions of the agreement.
      • We only accept returns within 7 days on defective product /incorrect item received, starting from the day your order was delivered and contact us through Facebook or Line@, we will get back to you shortly.


    • Return notice(Only for Taiwan)
      • Personal causes, defects, desires, withdrawals, selection can be made within the 7-day viewing period Edited purchase. 7-day viewing period for customers who have not yet applied for the goods, but the goods are not accepted, and the goods are not accepted. Retired goods (includes bags) and gifts are returned in a new condition; shoes and other retired goods are returned in complete condition (shoe cases are kept in perfect condition and damaged); If the packaging is sealed in a paper box, the packaging and logistics costs will be 60 yuan/item if the product is incomplete or damaged, and STUDIO DOE will not refund the refund.
      • Seven-day appreciation period calculation (example: 1 day): Appreciation period non-trial period, goods and gifts kept in new condition, free of original packaging and hanging tiles; shoes and other goods kept in demand, all new and unbroken, no perforations, no traces of wear and tear. Super transaction transactions are handled every other day on a first day basis, home delivery is handled every other day on a first day basis, whether or not the purchaser is responsible for the transaction (manager/family member, etc.), please note the request.

        Lawless exchangeable goods and special circumstances:
        • Super Seven Heavens viewing period.
        • Provisions of the Taiwan Consumer Protection Act, personal hygiene products (internal clothing, sleepwear, swimsuits, bra products, etc.), accessories (ear rings, ear needles, collars, commandments, hand rings, etc.); No refunds will be accepted and no refunds will be accepted based on personal hygiene principles.
        • Clothing with clear perfume, taste, taste, powder sole, lipstick, product hanger removed, sewage, jewelry with damage or damage, etc., traces of use, lawless defects, claims for defects, and withdrawals.
        • Items are all in new condition, with no wear and tear, scratches, scratches, etc. caused by the test-piercing of sandals or soles.
        • Shoes product list with small accessories, dustproof bags, hanging tiles (including hanging tiles), shoe cases, etc.
        • Completeness of unretained shoes and related items
        • Receipt the use of a sealed bag, the packaging of the retired goods, the need to directly paste the paper on the shoe box, the calligraphy, directly paste the glue on the shoe box, or create other forms of damage to the shoe box, and the damage to the shoe box is illegal. Valid exchange currency.
        • If you have any guarantees, please take a look at the contents of the unboxing process, and ensure the product is correct or not. All errors, damaged goods, and defective items have been accepted. ``Hara Hiroshi Seishi Completely Opened Box Video'' is now available. (The shipping box is unopened and in perfect condition. The receipt is complete and complete, and all traces of the footage are absent.)
        Non-defect definition:
        • Product dimensions are all within the normal range of ±2cm due to artificial measurement, different factors, material and other factors, and actual product measurement errors.
        • Each computer and hand machine may have slight color difference problems, please take into consideration.
        • The head of the line, the small line, the unopened button, the traces of clothing, and the crosstalk are all normal phenomena.
        • Full of glue, remaining glue, and zero line are all normal phenomena.
        • New cloth has some original material and its dyed taste, first ventilation, after washing, and under certain circumstances, it can be gradually removed. Examples of beef and calf series products.
        • Cat and calf clothing, each washing degree is different, there is a slight color difference, printing position is different each time, this is a normal phenomenon.
        • Includes product dermal leather production season, dye, leather and other factors, skin condition, color, cortical association, etc. Normal phenomena. Leather crest road, scratched skin, markings and markings road, traces of scars, material taste road, straight line 3 public divisions, small part of the small part or part marks, possible to cut the small part of the line head, all new pendant dry land, international currency standard capital is in place. Acceptance range, no effect, normal use function and external appearance, all defects included.
        • There may be some small spots, scratches, scratches, residual glue, overflowing etc. phenomena in the manufacturing of the shoe sole product factory, which may be less than 2-3 years old, but due to the slight differences in the color of the shoe sole. There is a difference in the shape of the soles of the shoes, and the emergency caretaker's request is acknowledged.
        • Swimwear products include chemicals in swimming ponds, seawater hooks, and other natural ingredients, all of which influence the quality of swimming clothing products. In the above-mentioned case, it is proposed that after the use of swimming clothes is completed, a large amount of clean water will be washed, and the product status will be changed to avoid chemical substances or other special ingredients. Immediate use of clean water for young use, re-storage and plastic bag storage, extremely possible accelerated dyeing process
        • Swimwear product contains various special ingredients and high temperature, all of which can be created due to fatigue or discoloration due to swimming clothing, dyeing situation, due to this objection, when swimming clothing enters hot spring
        • Silver ornaments are all handmade silver 925, and the ornaments are made of pure materials. Wakae has a severe case of metal hypersensitivity. After treatment, I experienced hypersensitivity and immediate cessation of treatment, as well as consultation with dermatological medical treatment.
        • The contract must be purchased before the silver decoration is measured, the size is possible, the measurement is different, and the existence error is 0.5-1, the common division is normal.
    • Return for personal reasons
        • During the evaluation period, we provide a one-time return with free shipping service. Please contact customer service for assistance. If you choose to return by mail, the return shipping cost will be refunded along with the payment (up to a maximum subsidy of 80 yuan). If you opt for ATM refund, a bank handling fee of 15 yuan will be deducted from the payment.If the refunded amount after return does not meet the free shipping threshold/promotion threshold at the time of purchase, or if the entire order is returned, the original shipping cost (deducting 100 yuan from the refund) and the discount difference for other items in the original order will be borne by the customer. Relevant gifts (brand new and unopened) must also be returned. If the gifts are not returned, they will be calculated at their original price. Returned items must be in new condition (including zipper bags), and gifts must remain unopened.For the return of footwear, the complete product and accessories must be returned in their original condition (shoe boxes must be intact and free from dirt or damage). If the product is incomplete, STUDIO DOE reserves the right to refuse the return.
    • Defect Return Notice
      • For defective returns, please contact customer service for assistance. There are two methods of refund: gift voucher and cash refund.
    • How to exchange the products?
      • If the goods are exchanged due to personal factors, please contact customer service for assistance, and the buyer must bear the round-trip freight by himself.
      • If you want to return the exchanged product due to personal reasons or defective factors, you can choose to apply for a return to the customer service within the seven-day appreciation period and please order again.
    • International returns policy
      • Due to the high cost of international shipping and time-consuming process, there is no returns accepted for all oversea orders. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    * In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, please be sure to record the video when unpacking, and keep the shipping order paper. Without the above information, it will not be accepted.
    * STUDIO DOE aims to provide consumers with a good shopping experience. If due to personal factors, non-defective returns and exchanges are handled more than 3 times within six months or orders are canceled multiple times without reason and cannot comply with relevant return and exchange regulations, STUDIO DOE will reserve the right to restrict transactions and delete Member account rights, please consider placing an order.
  • FAQ


    • Fabric washing and maintenance knowledge
      • In order to maintain the service life of the clothes, it is recommended to wash them by hand. Machine washing is not recommended, because it is easy to cause deformation of clothes.
        Precautions for hand washing:
        • Gentle hand washing, it is recommended to use only a small amount of neutral washing powder and detergent, the water temperature is below 30 degrees, gently rub with hands, wring out and dry.
        • All dark-colored clothes will be color-fixed. Due to the external humid climate or storage state, it is easy to cause dye transfer. In order to protect your precious clothes and accessories and reduce the occurrence of dye transfer, it is recommended to wash them separately in the water before wearing them for the first time. Try to avoid mixing with light-colored clothing and accessories or excessive friction for a long time.
        • After the clothes are wrung out, turn them upside down and hang them to dry, (sweaters and knitted goods, please dry them flat), and put them away in time after drying. Do not expose to the sun for a long time, which will cause oxidation and fading.
        • After drying, use the iron to adjust to the low-to-medium temperature (below 150 degrees), and lightly iron the clothes to restore the original shape.
        • It should avoid hooking with sharp objects or objects with rough surfaces, causing unnecessary doubts about snagging.
        • Leather products, clothing with high wool content and overcoats are recommended to be sent to professional laundromats.

        During the quality inspection process, the STUDIO DOE team takes each product seriously and conducts washing tests on the fabrics. We hope that you can follow our washing recommendations. If you do not follow our washing methods and cause damage to your clothes, We cannot provide any return service, thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

        For related fabric washing and maintenance knowledge, please refer to the attached file.
    • Fabric/Material Characteristics Description
      • Denim products have been stone washed, specially washed, and treated with lotion. The color of each item is not exactly the same. It is normal to have a slight smell of detergent. It is recommended to put it in the water and dry it in a ventilated place. The improvement in odor will gradually fade with the number of washes.
      • Due to yarn characteristics, sweater knitted items may produce slight pilling under normal wear and washing, but this is normal and does not affect wear. It is recommended to avoid excessive friction with clothes and accessories with thicker fibers when wearing them. If there is pilling on the surface of the clothes, you can use a delinting ball machine to remove it and it can be improved.
      • Cotton and linen products may shrink slightly after being put into the water for the first time. It is recommended to hand wash them in cold water and lay them flat to dry. Do not machine wash or spin them to extend the life of the clothes.
      • For products with tweed tweed or unfinished designs, the tweed edges are designed with special fixed seams to avoid excessive tweeding, but there may still be longer tweed edges, which can be trimmed slightly by yourself with scissors.
      • Footwear: Due to the shoemaking process, there may be some embossing, wrinkles or slight color differences due to the leather itself. This does not affect the appearance and is normal. Each pair of footwear is handmade, and there may be some slight embossing on the left and right feet. Possible asymmetry is not a defect; the shoe box may be squeezed or slightly damaged during transportation, which is difficult to avoid.
    • Silver jewelry maintenance knowledge
      • Silver is basically a material that does not rust, but it may become darkened or blackened by reacting with sulfur in the air, sweat, sebum, etc. If it is a ring, it will be restored by wiping it with a commercially available silver cleaning cloth In its original condition. Silver conditioners are recommended for fine chains such as silver necklaces. The above care applies to silver jewelery only and should not be used on gold-plated or smoked items.
      • Please be careful not to wear jewelry when entering the hot springs.
      • When not wearing, please wipe off the dirt and store in an airtight container to avoid oxidation of silver jewelry.
    • About Loro size
      • Please confirm the size before purchasing.
      • See the image below for details on ring sizes.