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    Inspired by daily life, creating garments that make women feel comfortable and show their most confident self with attitude.

    A doe refers to a female mammal in its mature stage. With that in mind, An holds a vision for STUDIO DOE that is to highlight the gentle, persevere, sexy and strong qualities of women while allowing them to live up to their unique identity.

    We believe that our customers are able to express their self-identity through our garments, as our garnents can fit into any genre of styles.

  • by DOE

    • C-line (Classic):Everyday pieces with a timeless style
    • L-line (Limited):Limited pieces with refined details

    As part of the by DOE collection, the Gender-Free section aims to illustrate tenderness and strength of the human body through minimalistic aesthetics. Playing with both rich colors and muted tones, the Gender-Free features a wide range of understated pieces that ensure an effortless and timeless feel.

  • by DOE - INMOST

    Crafted with soft and smooth materials, the Inmost collection brings women a sense of security and allows them to relax and retrieve the balance in their lives.

  • LORO

    LORO is a fine jewelry brand baesd in Tokyo, Japan, which is the exclusive agency for STUDIO DOE in TAIWAN. LORO and STUDIO DOE share the affinity for minimalistic aesthetics and seek to offer customers a sufficient choice of elegant and delicate pieces.
    Combining the Italian word "oro" for golden and the English word "rotation", the brand fuses femininity and masculinity into unique design and makes people want to wear them as soon as they get up in the morning.

  • autt

    #Essential yet Timeless

    The basic elements that complete the brand's array are neutral colours and the understated detail bags, designed to be restyled over and over again.

    AUTT has the aesthetics of autumn. It captures the intrinsic essence and fuctionality that remains as a timelessness. In pursuit of comfort and effortless chic in daily life, AUTT offers the timeless value and high-sensitivity of the neo-classic.

  • OSOI

    OSOI is an independent handbag brand from Korea.
    Its unique design, vivid color, and neat silhouette add a special touch to the outfits.
    With refined details, the handbags is not only stylish but sophisticated.